Media Leap – Best Music Streaming App For iOS And Android
Download Now Music lovers and artists must have experienced the power of effective digital technologies such as file uploading, sharing, and music streaming using several social media channels. Most of the service providers have aimed to be jacks of all trades, but a common user demands a focused, fast, and simple app. Media Leap‘s standalone
Ad Blocker Addon For Windows – Remove Unwanted Ads & Malware
Want to get rid of those annoying ads? Hate pop ups and other such annoying ads that interrupt your smooth online browsing. Thinking how to remove them? these question are running in your mind, How do I block ads on my PC? How do I block ads on my laptop? How can I block pop
One of the major problems faced by most of the Apple Users all over the world is STORAGE SHORTAGE.  Obviously, an iPhone offers a wonderful camera and there is no doubt if you have a gallery collection of thousands and thousands of pictures and videos. Apart from the high resolution pictures taken by the camera,
Duplicate Photos Cleaner iOS App – Remove Duplicate Photos iPhone
Finding your iOS photos library too messy? Keeping two or more identical photos is typically wastage of memory. There is almost no difference between those pictures and hence seems no use to keep them all. Though you can manually check the duplicates and clean them, yet it sounds like a tedious job no one takes
List Of 9 Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for Android
Every Android smartphone these days includes a hotspot feature, however, for some reason, it is not adequate specifically for your needs, you can find the best hotspot apps for Android. Setting up a hotspot is most certainly bit confusing, especially if you have an older Android smartphone. Thankfully, its still an Android and this means
Free up Space App For iOS – Clean up Storage on iPhone
While updating your iOS device, you might face the issue that there isn’t enough space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, what’s next? Most of us have run out of storage at some point and the only reason for maximum space coverage is by media files i.e. photos and videos. Also of course lots
Compress Photo iOS App – Reduce Photo Size on iPhone, iPad
Many of us love to capture thousands of pictures every month. Unlike the 90s,  smartphones these days feature high-resolution cameras which although produce great quality pictures, they are larger in size. Now this sounds like a big device storage issue. Storing pictures with hd-quality easily consume almost whole storage of our smartphones. It becomes a
Space Reviver iOS App –  Speed Up & Clean Up iPhone, iPad
How would you manage if someday the memory of your iPhone or iPad run out of storage? or more How do I clean up storage on my iPhone? How to Clear iPhone RAM Memory? How to Clean & Free more storage Space iOS How do I clean up my iPhone memory? Which app best for
Ad-Blocker Pro App – Best Ad Blocker for iPhone and iPad on iOS
Do you like ads that intervene your focus while browsing? No wonder! We all hate ads and in order to offer you splendid browsing experience on your iOS device, or have question in your mind, like Is there an ad blocker for iPhone? What is the best ad blocker app? Which is the best ad
Free Cleaner for Android – Best App to Boost Memory & Performance
For smooth functioning of Android phones, it is very important that it is free of junk. We all have observed complications with our smartphones when the phone’s memory is out of storage. It takes time to process every action. have you ever pondered,  Why?. Like a human body, it also needs to maintain regularly. Also




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