12 Best Of The Best Free Music Apps For Mac OS X


Best Of The Best Free Music Apps For Mac OS X


For all the MAC users, certainly iTunes has proven to be the most appropriate app for media management and playback. It is simply like if you’re using Apple Music, you have no other option but to rely on iTunes for playback on your Mac OS. Additionally, a new MAC system is pre-installed with iTunes.

Although, the iTunes software is not much favored and considered to have bloated with time, you might have certain reasons to continue using it. However, if you are someone who downloads loads of MP3s and streamed songs from several varied locations, it is preferable to consider a suitable alternative to play those tracks. For example, it is undoubtedly much easier than bookmarking several internet radio sites.

You may prefer iTunes because of its better usability or simply bound to its ecosystem but maybe it is not enough for everyone. There are multiple MAC apps that can turn out to be appropriate alternatives to manage your music library on the Mac system.

The blog lists out 12 best free music apps for Mac that must be tried.

Vox music player
This is by far the best music player that you can depend on for your Mac. The music player offers the following features:

VOX Music Player for Mac & iPhone

  • RRP: Free
  • Buy from Vox


  • With a minimalist media player and a simple, attractive UI, you may not look any further.
  • The interface is user-friendly and it even supports FLAC playback and other high-resolution audio files.
  • It also favors built-in radio that includes options to connect to SoundCloud and Last.FM. Get to choose from over 30,000 radio stations from around the world.
  • Additionally,  you can enjoy the benefits of the 14-day trial cloud-syncing between Vox for iOS.
  • The app provides you with the ability to create your own playlists stuffed with collections of favorite tracks. Simply drag and drop songs to the queue to manage the playlist.

Clementine music player
Best free apps for Mac – incredibly packed with an endless list of features.

Clementine Music Player - free music app MAC OS

Take a look at its main attractions:

  • The music management. You will not only have the option of cover manager but will be impressed with the benefits of a queue manager, tools to manage playlist, a music format transcoder with FLAC support, CD ripping tool and an updated tag editor to batch edit music files.
  • It offers integration with services like Spotify, SoundCloud. Also, provides cloud-based storage options like Dropbox. The only downside is that the player isn’t that good looking, and with once-a-year updates, that’s not going to change any time soon.
  • The app can also provide you with detailed information regarding the song like about the artist, the lyrics of the song.


Nightingale - free music app MAC OS

Do you remember Songbird? It was an open source music player released back in 2006 that drummed up a lot of hype and anticipation due to its potential. It was shut down in 2013, but by then users had already forked the code and created an alternative called Nightingale.

Ecoute is a standalone player that essentially acts as an extension of iTunes.

 ecoute music app for mac

However, Ecoute makes library management easier, and plays back videos as well as podcasts in your iTunes library. Though Ecoute works in tandem with iTunes, you don’t need to launch iTunes in order to use Ecoute.

Tomahawk music player
This multi-platform free media player will sway you with its overwhelming features.

tomahawk - Mac music apps free

Know more about the features offered by Tomahawk:

  • This is the only app that runs on Linux, MacOS, Windows and Android.
  • It is way too different from other music player apps.
  • You can add you varied accounts such as Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Deezer and even Amazon Music. From a single source, you can access a universal playback.
  • It has the ability to automatically scan the hard drive of your Mac and update music in its library.
  • With this app, you can directly listen to music from video sharing platforms such as YouTube.
  • The app aims at serving all the music needs under a single roof. Hence, it is integrated with different plugins to support varied music streaming programs.
  • The best part about this app is that it is an open source, which is totally free.

This free music downloader for Mac computers enables users to download music and music videos easily.

Vuze - music apps for Mac free

The key features of this program are listed below.


  • offers support for downloading files.
  • Files are downloaded fast
  • High downloading speed

Google Play Music

google-music - free music apps for Mac

This Google supported music player offers you the following features:

  • Google Play Music is a free web-based service that has turned out to be an apt alternative to iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.
  • The free service will allow you to download all your music directly to Google’s cloud based storage that can be easily searched and accessed online.
  • The web-based interface is certainly better than iTunes, however, it is not as good as Spotify. But then it’s a free way, in comparison to Spotify, to get your favorite tracks in the cloud server and gain an access to them from anywhere.

Free music downloader for Mac

Miro - Best free music apps for Mac

This is a helpful free music downloader for Mac computers, and it enables users to download music without any effort.


  • download, convert and play songs with single app

Download Mire >>

Audacity is one of the best free audio editors for MAC.

Best free apps for Mac  #music

You can record live audio for podcasts, turn tapes and records into digital music, and edit tracks. If the original recording is a little too bright, you can add a filter to bring down the highs.


Shazam - Music Discovery, Charts & Song Lyrics

Shazam listens to your music and tells you what you want to know about it. While it’s running, it will tell you the name of a song and artist. While you’re listening to tunes, it will automatically create a playlist of tracks you can listen to with Apple Music (when available), even if you are currently listening to music with a different service.

Download now


spotify_me great alternative for the iTunes

  • RRP: Free (with ads), £9.99 per month (without ads),
  • Buy from Spotify

Spotify assists the users with the following features:

  • Spotify proves to be a great alternative for the iTunes or any other music library. It helps manage the libraries in a better manner.
  • Spotify Connect enables the users to switch between devices or control playback on one device from the other.
  • Spotify lets you share tracks via URL links. Simply drag the song you want to share into any text field and allow the app to share it with chosen person over Facebook or email.

Quod Libet

Quod Libet

Quod Libet is a Latin word that means “whatever you wish”. This media player software has been in the market since 2004 but is not much known amongst people. The features offer by the app include:

  • Despite being launched long back, the software receives updates till date.
  • It offers a simple, practical and user-friendly interface in comparison to iTunes.
  • It supports several media formats such as FLAC.
  • Other features include replay gain, ratings-weighted random playback, advanced library management, Unicode tags, built-in Internet radio, a configurable UI and much more.

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